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Professor Richard Bawden

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For most of Richard's professional life, he has been passionately committed to helping people learn how to learn, how to be systemic, how to approach the world with a sense of its inter-connectedness. 

A crucial concept underpinning his work is that of praxis, the relationship between practice and theory, or experience and understanding, or action and reflection, or expressed as meaningful action.  In essence, we came  to appreciate that we all need to learn how to see the world about us differently if we really want to do things in (and to) it, differently, and to accept that this is a recurrent process of evolution between ‘new events' and ‘new ideas' as both our experiences and understandings continually unfold.

Some recent and current research and development initiatives of Richard's include:

  • Bio-ethics and Bio-law in Agricultural and Rural Development
  • Experiential/Inspirational Learning Model
  • Systemic Development as a Paradigm for Sustainability - Learning to Learn Our Way Forward
  • Learning to Learn and the ‘Essential Learnings' from the SACSA Framework
  • Teaching Australia - The Open Book Scenarios - Teaching for an Uncertain Future.

Coming to Critical Engagement: An Auto-ethnographic Exploration is Richard's most recent work, co-authored with four faculty members at Michigan State University. In this book Richard and his colleagues explore the idea of engagement and how members of a faculty learning community have come to understand engagement as both intellectual endeavour and scholarly practice at the interface between academy and citizenry. 



Teaching for Effective Learning

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