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Thanks to the SSOs at Kadina Memorial School!

“Thank you to all the non-teaching staff who work at Kadina Memorial School. Without my support staff, I could not fulfil my role.” – Carol Saunders, Business Manager, Kadina Memorial School

Carol has always been grateful for all the non-teaching staff at Kadina Memorial School do, but perhaps never moreso than after the challenge that has been 2020. Kadina Memorial’s non-teaching staff were assigned, and readily took up, new tasks. When COVID-19 first hit they cleaned tables, doors, books, resources, and even playgrounds – all to make sure teaching staff could continue to teach effectively and children could continue to play, learn, and grow through a very challenging time.

“At Kadina Memorial School the non-teaching staff continue to demonstrate their flexibility, resilience, and high work ethic. Thank you for continuing to support each other, laugh, and touch elbows!”

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