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2021 corporate internal control questionnaire

2021 corporate internal control questionnaire

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The internal control questionnaire focuses on control activities and includes process maps of all significant financial business cycles.

When completing the enclosed questions, please refer to the process maps to understand the context in which the questions are being asked and how your response contributes towards determining the state of the internal control environment.

The questions should be answered in relation to financial practices for the 2020-2021 financial year to date.

We request that your completed questionnaire be submitted by 28 May 2021.


Step 1

Before entering the online questionnaire, print off the pdf version of the questionnaire and prepare your responses in consultation with relevant colleagues and executives.

Step 2 

Complete the online questionnaire and submit the responses.

  • 'Yes' indicates you comply with requirements.
  • 'No' indicates you do not, or only partially comply with requirements.
  • 'N/A' indicates the requirement is not applicable.

Unless you are responding for a Student Support Services office, be sure to provide your Executive Director’s/Chief Operating Officer's email address (according to your directorate's reporting lines) in the relevant field when completing the questionnaire. For Student Support Services offices, please use the Director Student Support Services’ details.

Step 3 

The Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer/Director Student Support Services will receive an email containing the responses.

Step 4

The Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer/Director Student Support Services must review the responses. If to the best of their knowledge the responses are true, or they are not aware of anything that would alter the responses, they are asked to forward the responses to education.financialcompliance [at] sa.gov.au indicating their endorsement of them.


If assistance is required in relation to the questions, or if you have made an error in responding, please email the Financial Compliance and Policy Unit at education.financialcompliance [at] sa.gov.au or phone Michael Westover on 8226 0048.