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Uses and benefits

Success in school and adult life relies on well-developed social and emotional skills, physical health, time management and support from family and the community.

Identifying what drives children and young people, makes them feel supported and what they need to develop will determine what is needed in order to help them reach their full potential.

The Wellbeing and Engagement Census seeks answers to 3 main questions:

  • How can children and young people be helped to experience success and feel supported during the middle and senior school years?
  • What do children and young people need to lead them on a positive path to becoming caring and capable citizens?
  • What can children and young people identify to give them a sense of competence in their achievements and to feel supported in their families, schools and communities?

Information collected from the survey will inform educational and community efforts to help improve young people’s health and wellbeing.


Higher level benefits for education systems:

  • Monitor student wellbeing over time
  • Link to academic achievement data, enrolment data, student demographics

Survey results can be used to identify areas to improve learning.

Results may be used to:

  • apply for funding for additional support or learning programs
  • determine where to allocate existing resources
  • set priorities, plans and goals in school
  • advocate for children’s health
  • ascertain programs and services required.

Promoting positive development

The survey provides an insight into a child’s mind and allows their voice to be heard while discovering ways to promote positive development for all children.

What people say about the Wellbeing and Engagement Census

Participating in the Census requires a small amount of time and effort for a lot of impact and data.
– Principal, high school

We work with students to analyse the data, this gives them the opportunity to provide input into where we should focus our effort.
– Teacher, primary school

Participating in the Census makes me feel safe, valued as a student and that the school cares about how I am feeling.
– Student, year 8, high school

We feel that it’s really important to measure wellbeing.  We look at the data we receive and look at targeted areas that we can work on to improve student wellbeing.
– Principal, South Australian High School

Help for children experiencing issues

The survey asks children if they are experiencing any problems with classmates and if they would like to be contacted by their teacher or school counsellor for help. 

Wellbeing and Engagement Census Team

Phone: +618 8226 0452
              +61 427 193 111
Email: Education.WEC@sa.gov.au