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Anti-Bullying and Harassment Strategies - Woodville High School

2012 Anti-Bullying and Harassment Strategies (Transcript 75KB PDF)

About the webisode

This Success Story focuses on the way that Woodville High School is addressing the issue of bullying and harassment in both the real world and through using technology. It shows some of the ways that the school is supporting students and providing a safe learning environment. Students are confident in discussing their thoughts about bullying and harassment and are passionate and committed to making Woodville a better place.

About the school

From the Principal's Welcome on the school website:

The strength of our school lies in the confidence, vitality and improvement of our students and staff.

Our key values of diversity, creativity and success underpin all that we do at Woodville High School. Our values of honesty, respect for others and taking responsibility for one's own actions are demonstrated in everyday practice at the School.

The partnership of students, home, school and community has brought success for students in achieving both personal best as well as high standards at a state and national level.

At Woodville High School each student has the opportunity to excel in formal learning. The co-curricular provides for opportunities in sport, performing arts, public speaking, personal development and community services.

We are proud of our past achievements and of our traditions and we are optimistic of the future because of the diligence, integrity and involvement of the students, staff, parents/caregivers and the community in our school.

Principal: Meredith Edwards

Woodville High School

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