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Developing Performance: Building a Learning Culture, Seaford K-7 School

2013 Developing Performance: Building a Learning Culture, Seaford K-7 School (TRANSCRIPT 109KB PDF)

About the webisode

Seaford K-7 School tells the story of one site's journey in developing a performance and development culture. The Principal, Lisa Bryant, explains how the three key elements of collaboration, using documentation effectively and teacher self-reflection, supported by a performance conversation framework, enable the school to achieve better outcomes for students and a robust, supportive learning culture among the staff.

Teachers involved in a classroom observation process and embedding the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in their practice and professional dialogue are depicted as a positive example of the DECD performance and development cycle in action.

Discussion Questions

We encourage you to apply the concepts from this webisode to your own context.

  • What aspects of the Seaford K-7 model might work in your school or site?
  • What are the responsibilities of teachers and leaders (or employees and managers) in contributing to the development of a performance and development culture?
  • How do educators in your site engage with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers?
  • Or, for non-educational settings: How do staff at your site engage in performance and development activities that are linked to their professional responsibilities?

About the school

The school website provides the following information:

"At Seaford K-7 School we are all Learning for our Futures.

Our collective purpose is to continue to develop the individual potential of every child & student at our school. Through: 

  • A culture of learning
  • A focus on student wellbeing and welfare
  • Strong community connections and partnerships"

Seaford K-7 School - Birth to 7 Campus

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