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High School Ingenuity, Salisbury High School

2011 High School Ingenuity, Salisbury High School (Transcript 143KB PDF)

About the webisode 

This A Day in the Life webisode follows Evan Polymeneas, a high school humanities teacher, on a typical day. Evan shares the transformation he has gone through as a teacher because of the positive role models he has worked with at Salisbury High School. In his classroom. Evan focuses on providing high-quality, engaging and, whenever possible, hands on learning opportunities for students. His teaching style helps students to remember lessons, information and activities throughout their schooling.

About the school:

From the Salisbury High School website: 

Salisbury High School's plans, decisions and actions are guided by our values of:

  • Honesty

  • Success

  • Organisation

  • Respect

  • Relationships

In partnership with parents and the wider community the school seeks to develop students who strive to be

  • Respectful, organised, responsible and well balanced

  • Confidential communicators

  • Literate, numerate and ICT competent

  • Empowered learners with positive self belief

  • Enterprising and caring, culturally aware global citizens

  • Reflective thinkers capable of making reasoned ethical decisions, and valuing the well being of themselves and others

  • Prepared effectively for post school study and work

Salisbury High School

Recognition and eLearning Systems

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