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Introduction to Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC)

2014 Introduction to ICAC (Transcript 182KB PDF)

About the webisode

“Introduction to ICAC” provides an overview of the role of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) in South Australia. The webisode explains the difference between corruption, maladministration and misconduct. It includes scenarios to demonstrate examples of appropriate and inappropriate behaviours. It also highlights links between the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector and reporting responsibilities of all DECD staff, in relation to ICAC.

Viewing of this webisode is recommended for all DECD staff. It is important to note that this webisode is an introductory tool only and more comprehensive resources can be accessed via the links and resources on this page.

Download resources referred to in the webisode:

About the Incident Management Division (IMD):

The DECD Incident Management Division consists of the:

  • Investigations Unit

  • Misconduct, Discipline and Advice Unit

  • Education Complaints Unit

  • School Care

The Division has responsibility for receiving, assessing, investigating and adjudicating allegations of misconduct within the Department. The Intake and Assessment Officer receives complaints through a range of mediums which are assessed in a Complaints Assessment Panel and referred for the most appropriate action.

All allegations, complaints and suspicions of employee misconduct should be referred to IMD through the Intake and Assessment Officer:


  • decd.imdintake [at] sa.gov.au

  • Phone: 8226 1604

If you are unsure what to report, advice can be obtained from:

Director IMD, Mr Trevor Lovegrove - 8226 7508
Assistant Director IMD, Ms Alana Girvin - 8226 1847 
Manager, Investigations Unit, Mr David Sheldon - 8226 1907

Recognition and eLearning Systems

Emaileducation.OnlineLearning [at] sa.gov.au