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Lessons in Leadership, Sharon Broadbent

2011 Lessons in Leadership, Sharon Broadbent (Transcript 113KB PDF)

About the webisode

Sharon Broadbent is a recipient of the prestigious Public Service Medal. The leadership skills and the lessons she’s learned in her role as principal are showcased in this webisode. It profiles Northfield Primary School, Sharon’s previous school as well as her current school, Burnside Primary School.

About the schools:

From the Northfield Primary School Website:

We celebrate our cultural diversity, with over half of our students holding English as a second language.

The school has a strong peace ethos and holds accreditation by UNICEF as a Peace School. Our Peace Code is embedded as part of our learning which is speaking kindly, caring for myself and others, doing the right thing, finding help, turning things around, being brave and being a peacemaker.

Developing literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge is fundamental to learning. We have two main priorities – reading comprehension and student engagement. We are committed to providing opportunities for every student to achieve great things.

Northfield Primary School

From the Burnside Primary School website:

Burnside Primary School has a well developed ethos of success and achievement which has been recognised and acknowledged over a hundred years. Our total staff are committed and are strongly supported by our Governing Council, to the educational and social development of each child.

Parents, students and staff all have an important role to play in developing an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, enthusiasm and friendship so that each child may develop to their full potential.

Burnside Primary School

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