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The Next Wave, Victor Harbor Primary School

2011 The Next Wave, Victor Harbor R-7 School (Transcript 131KB PDF)

About the webisode

In The Next Wave, Victor Harbor R-7 School shares its approach as it prepares to adopt the Australian Curriculum. The webisode shows the way that the school is engaging with the community and embracing the new content. It highlights some of the opportunities offered at the school which link in with the different curriculum areas, including an exchange opportunity with Fregon Anangu School.

About the school:

From the Victor Harbor R-7 School Website:

Victor Harbor R-7 School incorporates Victor Harbor Primary School and Victor Harbor Junior Primary, embracing early years methodology together with primary and middle school philosophies.

The vision is a dynamic forward thinking school continuing to develop skills in numeracy, literacy and information technology.

Our students have a strong connection with the unique local environment through their involvement in local sustainability and environmental programs.

Victor Harbor R-7 School

Recognition and eLearning Systems

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