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Professional Learning Community, Craigburn Primary School

2011 Professional Learning Community, Craigburn Primary School (Transcript 128KB PDF)

About the webisode

Teaching is a fast-paced and ever changing profession. New curriculum is created, resources change, technology continues to improve and that all means teachers must constantly seek out professional learning. At Craigburn Primary School professional learning is embedded in daily life across the school. This webisode focuses on the importance of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for all educators and staff in schools and preschools.

About the school:

The Craigburn Primary School vision: Craigburn Primary School is a learning community sustained by quality relationships within a culture of respect, optimism and resilience. We are highly regarded for our passion for learning and our focus on continual improvement.

The school values of 'Self Worth, Caring and Responsibility' are continually reinforced and embedded within the school community.

Craigburn Primary School

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