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Real Science, Salisbury High School

2013 Real Science, Salisbury High School (Transcript 121KB PDF)

About the webisode 

Real Science celebrates the successes of the programs taught by Anita Trenwith at Salisbury High School. Anita primarily works with students with special needs. She supports student learning and challenges them to achieve at the highest level possible. This is an inspiring webisode that shows what is possible in all areas of education.

About the school: About the school:

From the Salisbury High School website: 

Salisbury High School's plans, decisions and actions are guided by our values of:

  • Honesty

  • Success

  • Organisation

  • Respect

  • Relationships

In partnership with parents and the wider community the school seeks to develop students who strive to be

  • Respectful, organised, responsible and well balanced

  • Confidential communicators

  • Literate, numerate and ICT competent

  • Empowered learners with positive self belief

  • Enterprising and caring, culturally aware global citizens

  • Reflective thinkers capable of making reasoned ethical decisions, and valuing the well being of themselves and others

  • Prepared effectively for post school study and work

Salisbury High School

Recognition and eLearning Systems

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