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SAIEL Development Centre Program

2013 SAIEL Development Centre (Transcript 144KB PDF)

About the webisode

This webisode provides an overview of the SAIEL Development Centre Program and gives insight to the experiences of three past participants. While this webisode specifically explores the journey of three aspiring leaders, the SAIEL Development Centre is also for existing preschool and school leaders. The program aims to further develop participants capacity as leaders and identify areas for improvement. 

SAIEL Development Centre personnel explain the different assessment measures accessible via the program and relevant site based professional development opportunities. They also highlight links to the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

About the SAIEL Development Centre:

The SAIEL Development Centre supports current and aspiring site leaders through a series of assessment measures. Detailed reports from the activities identify specific learning opportunities for individual development needs.

The SAIEL Development Centre supports leadership professional development through:

  • comprehensive professional assessment activities

  • individual consultation for career enhancement, growth and confidence

  • professional development planning that support individual needs

Recognition and eLearning Systems

Emaileducation.OnlineLearning [at] sa.gov.au