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SSOs, The Heights School

2013 A Day in the Life: SSOs, The Heights School (Transcript 134KB PDF)

About the webisode

A Day in the Life: SSOs showcases some of the many roles held by school support staff in DECD as they go about their work on a 'typical day' at the school. The roles that are featured in this webisode include:

  • Business Manager

  • Executive Secretary

  • Finance Manager

  • Finance Officer

  • Front Office Receptionist

  • Garden Specialist

  • Grounds and Facilities

  • Laboratory Assistant SSO 

  • Learning Support SSO

  • Learning Support SSO, Preschool

About the School

From The Heights School website:

As a large school community, The Heights School's focus is on providing as many educational opportunities for our students as possible. The aim is to help young people take control of their lives in ways that will benefit the democratic society in which we live, and bring personal reward and satisfaction to themselves. The Heights does this in partnership with the wider community and with parents. They encourage students to take responsibility, relate respectfully, embrace diversity and actively engage with the curriculum framework and both the school and broader community.

The Heights School

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