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Teachers as Researchers: Learning from Design Based Experiments

2012 Teachers as Researchers (Transcript 20KB PDF)

About the webisode

This mini-documentary focuses on the importance of Teacher Research in order to improve outcomes in the classroom. It profiles the ARC Linkage Project - New Literacy Demands in the Middle Years: Learning from Design Experiments.

Collaborators for the research project included the University of South Australia, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Sydney, the Australian Education Union (AEU) and teachers from the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD).

The university researchers worked collaboratively with teachers to develop a small, site-specific case study as a design based experiment.

Discussion Questions

The Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders states that for professional learning to be of a high quality it should be: relevant, collaborative and future focused. Look at the charter fact sheet and consider the Characteristics of high quality professional learning.

  • Which characteristic or characteristics stand out to you the most in relation to what you already do or know?

  • Which characteristic do you want to know more about or consider as a form of Professional Learning? What could this characteristic relate to or look like in practice?

  • Which characteristics of high quality professional learning culture are apparent in your school? In what ways?


About the project:

The project goals as outlined by Dr Barbara Comber, Queensland University of Technology:

This ARC Linkage Project - New Literacy Demands in the Middle Years: Learning from Design Experiments explored literacy, teachers' work, and student engagement with academic learning in the middle years. The two aims were:

  1. To document and improve student literacy across the curriculum in the middle years (Years 5-9)

  2. To place issues of sustainability and wellbeing of the classroom teacher at the centre of debates about the teachers' professional identities and practice, and, at the same time, student outcomes.

In collaboration with Year 5 and Year 9 teachers, design-based experiments were developed in three focus areas:

  1. Curricula literacies with a special focus on English and Science

  2. Digital technologies and youth cultures

  3. Place-based pedagogies

Participating schools included:

Recognition and eLearning Systems

Emaileducation.OnlineLearning [at] sa.gov.au