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Top Team, Parafield Gardens R-7 School

2011 Top Team, Parafield Gardens R-7 School (Transcript 150KB PDF)

About the webisode

This A Day in the Life webisode shares a typical day in a year 6/7 classroom which has a strong focus on team teaching. Teachers Belinda Radcliffe and Stacey Miller have opened the doors between their classrooms in order to provide the students at Parafield Gardens R-7 School with the best possible learning opportunities.

About the school:

From Parafield Gardens R-7 School website: 

At Parafield Gardens R-7 we value working together peacefully to achieve respect, care and compassion, personal achievement and integrity, understanding and acceptance of others by making good choices.

We have a learning culture which:

  • promotes enthusiasm for learning

  • values the achievement of personal excellence

  • develops citizens who have a sense of social responsibility

  • promotes the establishment of a healthy lifestyle

Parafield Gardens R-7 School 

Recognition and eLearning Systems

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