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Volunteers: Community Connections, Coomandook Area School

Volunteers: Community Connections, Coomandook Area School (Transcript 69KB PDF)

About the webisode

Volunteers - Community Connections celebrates the great work of community volunteers in our schools and preschools.

Coomandook Area School reveals its fantastic partnership with the school community, with one fifth of the Coomandook population volunteering at the school. 

This webisode demonstrates how to involve community volunteers with schools and retain their interest, as well as the great learning outcomes and positive environment that result for the students.

About the School:

From the Coomandook Area School Website:

Coomandook Area School is recognised as a small caring community, which offers small numbers in classes, individual care and personal development for each child or young person in our school.

The school is divided into three sub-schools: the Junior School (R-5); the Middle School (Years 6 -9) and the Senior School (Years 10 – 12). This structure emphasises involvement and activity to enhance skills development, strengthen confidence and cater for individual interests and needs.

Coomandook Area School is a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School.

Coomandook Area School

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