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Wirreanda Adaptive Vocational Education (WAVE), Wirreanda High School

2013 Success Stories: WAVE, Wirreanda High School (Transcript 136KB PDF)

About the webisode

Wirreanda Adaptive Vocational Education or WAVE is an alternative pathways program for students at Wirreanda High School. This webisode focuses on some of the many innovative ways that students are learning through the WAVE Program.

About the WAVE Program

From the school website:

The WAVE program is an alternative pathways program for students that have disengaged from mainstream schooling options. The WAVE program actively engages students through a specialised case management approach. This allows for identification of students individual barriers. Programs are then tailor-made to allow for meaningful and accredited/recognised learning and earning pathways throughout the school year. Students that are part of the school WAVE program are classified as Flexible Learning Options (FLO) students.

Through the WAVE Program students will have access to Youth Workers and Case Managers from Bedford Group, Re-Engage Youth Services and Relationships Australia.

WAVE, Wirreanda High School

Recognition and eLearning Systems

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