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Teaching jobs for 2023 – graduates can apply now

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If you're a pre-service teacher in your final year of study you can apply for teaching jobs before you graduate.

Permanent teacher jobs are advertised at specific times each year, contract jobs are advertised across the year.

Find out how to apply and how we can help you through the process.

Express interest in 2023 teaching jobs

We're looking for new teachers for contract jobs of up to 2 years starting in term 1, 2023.

If you'll graduate this year, register your interest for 2023 teacher jobs.

Once you register, we'll contact you to discuss available jobs and answer any questions you have about working for our department.

Applying for a teaching job

The recruitment process is different depending on what type of job you are applying for – ongoing, temporary or temporary relief teaching.

To apply for a teaching job you need to:

  • register on the employable teacher register (ETR)
  • build your applicant profile
  • apply for advertised teaching jobs on Edujobs.

These are explained below.

Employable Teacher Register (ETR)

The ETR is for teachers wanting to work for our department. The ETR lets the department know you’re looking for ongoing, temporary or temporary relief teaching.

By registering as an ‘employable teacher’ school and preschool leaders can see you are available for work and may contact you with a teaching job! The ETR is where you upload documents to show you meet the employment requirements for teachers in South Australia.

Employable teacher register (ETR)

The applicant profile

You’ll need to attach an applicant profile to each ongoing teaching job you apply for. Temporary and temporary relief teaching jobs don’t usually require a profile.

The applicant profile is your opportunity to share your teaching philosophy, reflect on your experiences and tell us more about you.

Start your applicant profile

Ready to apply? Search jobs on Edujobs

With about 900 schools and preschools across the department it’s a great place to start looking for your first job. You’ll see in the job title if a position is ongoing or temporary.

Edujobs is our online job application site, you can look at and apply for all advertised teacher vacancies across the department.

Apply for jobs on Edujobs

Email: Education.Pre-serviceteachers@sa.gov.au

Phone: 8226 2103

If you're a pre-service teacher but not in your final year yet, register your interest for future recruitment events by emailing us and we'll send you information about working with the department while you study and once you graduate!