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FDC business administration

Fees and charging

Family day care (FDC) educators run their care service as their own business. Educators must discuss fees and any additional costs with families before the start of care. Fees typically range from $5 to $10 per hour per child.

Families may be eligible for the Australian Government child care subsidy (CCS). The child care subsidy page will assist families to estimate their entitlement.

When considering fees, educators should consider:

  • standard hourly rate
  • before or after school rate
  • overnight hourly rate
  • weekend rates
  • public holiday rate.

Educators also have the option to charge parents for food and transport, if it is required for the child.

Educators have the right to charge parents if they have booked contracted care, even if the child is sick and is not able to attend FDC.

Educators must not charge families where the educator is unable to provide care, eg illness or annual leave.

Fee schedule

The educator fee schedule (PDF, 205KB) must be completed by educators as a record of fees, including weekend and public holiday rates. This form must be updated each time fees are changed in any way, and also at the start of each financial year.

Educators must give families and the business centre a minimum of two weeks’ notice before any variation of fees can occur. The fee schedule must be approved by the service first, before parents’ signatures are obtained.

Educators must keep a copy of fees at their care premises.

Bank details

Educators are required to provide banking details to the FDC business centre in order to receive payments, including child care subsidy, on behalf of the families using their care.

The bank details form (PDF, 233KB) must be completed by educators at registration and submitted to the business and customer support centre.

Educators can update their bank details at any time using the bank details form. Please submit any amended bank details at least 2 weeks before the changeover date.

Payment query

If an educator has an enquiry about a discrepancy, including the cost of care, subsidy or number of care hours, they may complete the pay query form (PDF, 604KB) or send an email to educationfdcbusiness [at] sa.gov.au (subject: Pay%20query) .

Business and customer support staff will attend to the enquiry as soon as possible and the adjustment will be made to the educator’s payment.

Reaching school age

When a child in FDC starts school the educator must complete the school age care form (PDF, 155KB), which must be initialled by a parent, and submit to the FDC business centre.

Cancellation of care

Educators should complete the cancellation form (PDF, 982KB) when a child has permanently left their care. Please ensure you indicate the child’s last day in your service.

Submit forms

Email forms to educationfdcbusiness [at] sa.gov.au or post to:

Family Day Care
Business and Customer Support Centre
5 Harewood Avenue
Enfield  SA  5085


Family Day Care Business and Customer Support Centre

Phone (metro): 8343 6533
Phone (country): 1300 551 890
Email: educationfdcbusiness [at] sa.gov.au