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How leaders can follow up the 2018-2020 RAN-EC update

The 2018-2020 Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RAN-EC) update course is available on plink.

After your staff complete the online update, it’s recommended that you follow up with a professional focus session.

You can use these prompting questions as a focus. The questions are suggestions and aren’t intended to limit what you talk about in your site’s session. It is more important that you develop a session that is relevant to your workplace.

Prompting questions

Provide a safe, respectful and engaging environment

  • What practices or site procedures do we have in place at our site to ensure we have a safe, respectful and engaging environment?
    • What could we put in place to improve our approach?
    • How will we make that a focus for the year?
  • What is the most important information for staff and volunteers in the updated protective practice guidelines? What are the implications for our site’s practices?

Recognise and respond 

  • What steps can we take to act in a culturally respectfully way when responding to concerns about child abuse and neglect?
  • How do we collect and collate information for a quality notification to the Child Abuse Report Line without doing an investigation?
  • Could we improve the way we work together to make a detailed mandatory notification report?
    •  What will we put in place to do this?

Understand and support 

  • What are the key external services and resources that we have in place to support our students and their families?
  • Are there any gaps in resources in local services and resources available to our site?
  • How do we identify and pursue opportunities to develop more connections?
  • Do we have a common understanding on how trauma can impact on a child or young person – learning, behaviour and socialising relationships?
  • What strategies do we have in place at our site to adapt how can support a traumatised child or young person?


Engagement and Wellbeing

Email: education.CSW [at] sa.gov.au