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Update course: Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care

The RAN-EC update course has expired.

If you do not have a current RAN-EC certificate you must do the foundation course. There are some exemptions.

This is a specific child protection training course. It is part of a set of RAN-EC courses.

Course details

Course type: online
Running time: 1 hour
To book in:

Exemptions to expiry date

Exemptions for Department for Education employees

If you:

  • are employed by the Department for Education
  • never work where there are children or young people (and never access their records)
  • have your director's approval in writing.

You can continue to use this course.

This is not an option for Catholic or independent employees.

Exemptions for people renewing their teacher’s registration

Teachers who need to renew their teacher’s registration can use this course. 

See the Teacher’s Registration Board for more information.

For education employment you must keep your RAN-EC current. If you do not have a current RAN-EC certificate, you need to do a foundation course.

This course is only suitable if you meet the exemptions.

Not suitable for

If you're not sure this is the right course for you, talk to your site leader or manager.

Endorsed by

This course developed and endorsed by:

  • the Department for Education
  • Catholic Education South Australia
  • Association of Independent Schools of South Australia.


RAN-EC training

Department for Education
Email: education.CSW [at] sa.gov.au

Catholic Education SA – for people working with Catholic schools
Phone: 8301 6600 (ask for the RAN help desk)

Association of Independent Schools of SA – for people working or volunteering with independent schools
Phone: 8179 1400