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RAN-EC training requirements for non-department providers

The Department for Education has requirements for organisations who provide a direct support or service to children and young people in a government preschool, school or education program.

Your staff and volunteers must have child protection training.

This does not include people that run a one-off session where they are directly supervised by education staff.

Your organisation’s responsibilities about this training will depend on the type of agreement you have, and if it’s formal or not.

Organisations who have a formal agreement

A formal agreement is a funding agreement, goods and services agreement or a purchase order.

These formal agreements detail your child protection training responsibilities.

As part of that agreement, your organisation must make sure your staff and volunteers are trained.

We recommend that you use the department’s child protection training course, Responding to Abuse and Neglect –Education and Care (RAN-EC). This training can be part of your child safe environment policies and procedures.


Examples of organisations that have a formal agreement include:

Other organisations – including private providers

If you do not have a formal agreement, the department must check that your organisation’s staff and volunteers are trained in child protection responsibilities.

Your organisation is responsible for getting your staff and volunteers access to the appropriate RAN-EC course.

Running RAN-EC sessions for your volunteers

Your organisation can run a RAN-EC volunteer course. To run it, your organisation needs to:

  • have the person running the course complete the full day RAN-EC foundation course 
  • keep a record of which volunteers have done the course and a copy of the signed certificate of participation.

Responsibilities for school and preschool leaders

Staff and volunteers from organisations who don’t have a formal agreement must have completed the appropriate child protection training.

Leaders are responsible for checking that this training has been completed. This only applies to staff and volunteers who are delivering services to children and young people.

South Australian context

The South Australian Children’s Protection Act 1993 says a Child Safe Environment must be provided by these organisations:

‘health, welfare, education, sporting or recreational, religious or spiritual, child care, cultural, entertainment or party or residential services wholly or partly for children’

This includes making sure all staff and volunteers understand how to protect children from harm, including the need to report suspected child abuse and neglect.


RAN-EC training

Department for Education
Email: education.CSW [at] sa.gov.au

Catholic Education SA – only for people working with Catholic schools
Phone: 8301 6600 (ask for the RAN help desk)

Association of Independent Schools of SA
Phone: 8179 1400