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Join our speech pathology list of external providers

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The department is looking for qualified speech pathology providers to join our list of external providers.

Speech pathology provides support for children and young people who present with speech, language and communication needs.

Speech pathologists will have the capabilities and capacity to deliver on work outlined in the external provider process. This includes assessments and recommendations for students presenting with:

  • limited functional communication
  • severe and complex speech sound disorders
  • language disorders causing significant functional impact.

Apply to join our list of external providers

Applications to join the list of external providers are now closed.

Opportunities to apply will be available in January 2023.

For further information about the external provider process, contact Claire Olsson-Jones on education.externalproviderpanel [at] sa.gov.au or 8366 8824.

How we assess applications

Our external provider selection panel will assess applications to make sure they meet all business, clinical and accessibility requirements. The panel will nominate suitable applicants to be included on the external provider list.

Once on the list, providers will be allocated casework. This generally occurs each term.

Purpose of the list of external providers

The Student Support Services (SSS) team works in partnership with schools, preschools and families for children and young people who have particular educational support needs.

SSS is exploring a range of approaches to extend the accessibility of speech pathology services. One approach is to request assistance from a list of approved external providers.

The list of external speech pathology providers will help to address chronic workflow issues and improve state-wide access for children and young people.

It will assist in the identification of complex communication barriers that are impeding learning and participation in the curriculum, with the intention of strengthening inclusion and optimising students’ learning potential.

Our review and improvement of SSS delivery models to better support students aligns with our One in Four Reform program and Country Education Strategy.

Student Support Services

Phone: 8226 1547
EmailEducation.ExternalProviderPanel [at] sa.gov.au