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Visiting or working with Anangu Lands schools

Visiting restrictions for external organisations

Aṉangu Lands schools (located in the APY Lands, Oak Valley, and Yalata) have introduced new uninterrupted teaching blocks in weeks 2 to 3 and 6 to 7 of each term. During these times, visits from external organisations will not be permitted. This new approach gives students the time they need to concentrate, work and develop routines. Organisations are asked that that any visits to Aṉangu Lands schools are planned outside of those times.

Working with the Aṉangu Lands curriculum

From the start of 2015, Aṉangu Lands schools have made learning more relevant and engaging for Aṉangu children and young people with an adapted version of the Australian Curriculum. By providing a more culturally relevant curriculum and teaching the same units across all Aṉangu Lands schools, children are more likely to have improved attendance and fewer interruptions to their learning progress.

Organisations wanting to work with the Department for Education to build programs into the Aṉangu Lands curriculum need approval from the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee (contactable at Aṉangu Education Services, Ernabella via Alice Springs).

Visiting Aṉangu Lands schools 

To arrange a visit to Aṉangu Lands schools, contact Mark Ames, Education Director, Aṉangu Lands Partnership, at mark.ames@sa.gov.au.

Operations Directorate

Phone: 08 8226 1744
Email: education.chiefeducationofficer [at] sa.gov.au