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Volunteers from third party providers – RAN-EC

Read more about the new course coming on 1 July 2021. There are no changes to current training until then.

Third party providers are non-departmental organisations that bring volunteers in to work with sites. We refer to them as volunteers from third party providers. Some examples are volunteers from The Smith Family and Kickstart for Kids.


Third party providers are responsible for providing a Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care induction to their volunteers. These organisations must confirm for department site leaders that their volunteers have received the induction. They are able to use the same materials that our department sites use in the RAN-EC course for volunteers.  There are two main options:

The site leader must see and record the RAN-EC certificate of participation provided by the third party provider volunteer. Volunteers who do the RAN-EC online course must also get the site leader to sign their certificate.

If it is convenient to the department site, third party providers can also send their volunteers to join the site’s RAN-EC course for volunteers. 

The department recommends that third party providers:

  • complete the full day RAN-EC training before they deliver the RAN-EC course for volunteers
  • keep a record of who has attended a RAN-EC course for volunteers and a copy of the signed certificate of participation.

Different circumstances

Some volunteers from third party providers might need to do the full day RAN-EC training. See sites and third party providers – RAN-EC training responsibilities for more information.

If you aren’t sure what training you or your volunteers have to do contact us.


RAN-EC support and access to training

Technical support for online courses Contact your organisation’s ICT helpdesk.

Other RAN-EC enquiries 

Contact your organisation: 

  • Department for Education — government schools
    Email: education.RANEC [at] sa.gov.au 
  • Catholic Education SA — for people working with Catholic schools
    Email: RANEC.HR [at] cesa.catholic.edu.au
  • Association of Independent Schools of SA — for people working or volunteering with independent schools
    Email: office [at] ais.sa.edu.au