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Discretionary payments

Discretionary payments for teachers with temporary teaching service in SA public schools

The 2014-15 State Budget Paper 3 provided a $15 million fund for once-off discretionary payments to some teachers whose long service leave entitlements were reduced following amendments to the Education Act 1972.

Status of applications

Applications for discretionary payments closed on 30 December 2016. Each applicant has received confirmation from DECD that their application has been received.

DECD has commenced work on the employment service history of each applicant. Where necessary this includes research of service records dating back to 1972, which are not available in digital form.

This information, along with material provided by applicants, will be provided by DECD to the Attorney-General.

Payments can only be made after all applications have been considered by the Attorney-General. This will make sure total payments do not exceed the available fund of $15 million.

Please note

Further to communication provided in late January 2018, DECD would like to apologise for the delay in finalising outcomes under the Framework for Discretionary Payments to Persons with Temporary Teaching Service.

Unfortunately, due to need to obtain and consider a tax ruling, DECD did not provide the information regarding calculated payments to the Attorney General for his consideration and approval prior to the State Election.

Therefore, DECD has not yet provided payment information to the incoming Attorney General for her consideration and decision.

This will occur as soon as reasonably possible, and DECD will provide you an update on timing once this is clarified.

We apologise for the delay in finalising outcomes and communicating with you.

Should you have any concerns please contact DECD directly, via email DECD.TeacherLSL [at] sa.gov.au

Estimated completion date

Based upon the large number of applications received, the estimated completion month for decisions is January 2018.

Taxation on payments

The taxation rate on payments has been assessed by the ATO and is available for viewing below.

See the Discretionary Payment for Teachers Long Service Leave factsheet (PDF, 45KB) for more information.


Queries must be submitted by email to DECD.TeacherLSL [at] sa.gov.au