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Country incentives

Country incentives are provided to eligible staff who gain employment in country locations. The incentives will vary depending on the specific country location and the type of employment gained (permanent or temporary).

Country locations are in zones 2 to 5 (PDF 357KB). See the Enterprise Agreement 2016, schedule 2.2 – appendix 1A – country zones (PDF 985KB) for more detail.

Country incentive zone allowance

Zone allowances are made to teachers and leaders appointed to permanent and contract positions in country zone 2 to 5 sites.

Zone allowance payments per annum for 2018 are:

  • zone 2 – $1811
  • zone 3 – $3196
  • zone 4 – $5638
  • zone 5 – $9133.

Zone allowance payments are automatically paid fortnightly via the normal payroll process for a maximum of 5 years while an employee remains at the same site.

Country incentive incidentals payment

Country incentive incidentals is a one-off payment made to eligible teachers after appointment to their first permanent teaching position in any of the country sites within zones 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Incidentals payments for 2018 are:

  • zone 2 – $472
  • zone 3 – $631
  • zone 4 – $789
  • zone 5 – $946.

Upon commencing employment in a country school or preschool, the one-off incidental payment is automatically paid via the normal payroll process.


Locality allowance

Locality allowances are made to staff who reside at or near remote schools as compensation for adverse environment, abnormal depreciation of motor vehicles, increase cost of living, isolation, and the cost of travelling from distant schools to Adelaide for the vacation period.

School and preschool teachers who work 0.4 or more fraction of time and reside at or near remote schools are eligible for locality allowance by virtue of their appointment. Locality allowance is not payable to those teachers who work less than a 0.4 fraction. Part time teachers (0.4 or greater) are entitled to the full time payment for locality allowance regardless of their fraction of time.

Non-teachers (school services officers, Aboriginal education workers, early childhood workers, government services employees and PS Act employees) who have been appointed to remote locations also qualify for locality allowance.

A full-time employee will receive the full-time rate and part-time employees will receive payment on a pro-rata basis, according to the actual hours worked.

Locality allowance payments can be up to $13,836 per annum for a single person. This amount will vary depending on the role, location and whether an employee has a spouse or dependants.

How to apply

You can fill in a locality allowance form on the locality allowance intranet page (staff login required).

Removal expenses

Teachers and leaders are eligible to receive payment for the removals process to a rural or remote area if:

  • transferred to another school on promotion or for departmental reasons
  • transferred to another school at their own request after not less than 3 years of satisfactory service at 1 school
  • moved without transfer from a non-departmental residence to a departmental residence or from one departmental residence to another
  • appointed to a rural or remote school, as a first appointment as a teacher or a leader
  • required to relocate a distance of greater than 45 kilometres.

Entitlement to the payment of removal expenses is indicated in position appointment letters.

How to apply

In the first instance, eligible employees should contact the removals officer on 8226 1065 to discuss removal arrangements.

Employees will need to complete a removal inventory form (DOC 70KB)  as part of the removals process.

More information is available on the relocating to rural and remote areas page.

Government employee housing concessions

Government employee housing (GEH) concessions are offered as an incentive to attract prospective employees to relocate to country locations. Permanent and temporary employees are eligible to receive GEH concessions.

Current concessions applied to full rental costs are listed in this table.

Government employee housing concessions by location
Location Concessions Examples

APY Lands


Murputja, Ernabella, Yalata,  Pipalyatjara



Coober Pedy






Parndana, Penneshaw



Barmera, Bordertown, Edithburgh, Kingscote, Millicent, Tintinara

large country centres


Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Mount Gambier, Whyalla

How to apply

For eligibility information and an online application see the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's government employee housing page.

Utility subsidies (water, electricity, gas) are also available depending on the location of employment. All utilities are fully covered for employees working in the APY Lands, and a water allowance of 136 kilolitres per annum is provided per residence for employees working in zone 4 sites.

See the employee housing policy (PDF 406.4KB) for more information.

Return to metropolitan area guarantee

After completing 4 years’ service in country zone 4 or 5, or after 5 years if working in zone 2 or 3, permanent teachers (not in their first year of permanency) are guaranteed return to an ongoing teaching position in the metropolitan area.

How to apply

Eligible teachers seeking a return to metropolitan guarantee are required to submit an application on the permanent teacher register (PTR). This application must be submitted in the year prior to the teacher seeking this guarantee.

Travel and accommodation assistance for medical and dental treatment (non-metro only)

Permanent and temporary teachers and leaders employed in country locations are able to claim reimbursement for medical and dental treatment for themselves, their spouse or their dependants in accordance with clause 5.9 of the Teachers (DECS) Award (801KB).

How to apply

Eligible teachers are required to complete and submit a teacher's non-metropolitan clause claim form –ED185 with receipts for travel and accommodation expenses attached.

Study leave (Aboriginal and Anangu schools only)

Teachers are eligible for this incentive leave on only 1 occasion in each location.

Teachers and leaders appointed to Aboriginal and Anangu schools listed on page 66 of the Enterprise Agreement 2016 are entitled to study leave.

Aboriginal schools means the following schools: Yalata, Oak Valley, Koonibba, Oodnadatta, Marree, Raukkan, Point Pearce and Carlton Primary.

Anangu schools means schools located in the communities of Pipalyatjara, Amata, Fregon, Ernabella, Mimili, Murputja, Kenmore Park, Indulkana and Watarru.

Aboriginal and Anangu schools

After 2 years’ service, one of which is permanent, teachers and band B leaders (except deputy principals) are eligible for 1 term of study leave with pay.

Anangu schools

After 3 years’ continuous service in a band A position (except a preschool director) and a band B deputy principal position a teacher is granted 1 term of approved training and development leave.

Aboriginal schools or Yalata Anangu schools

Teachers completing 3 continuous years’ service in a band A position (except a preschool director) and a band B deputy principal position are granted a school term of approved training and development leave.

How to apply

Application forms for study leave are obtained from site leaders and are submitted at the site level.

Travel days (selected Aboriginal and all Anangu schools)

Employees are entitled to 4 travel days per term totalling 16 per year.


People and Culture Services

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