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Relocating to rural and remote areas

Staff relocating to rural and remote areas may be eligible to apply for the payment of removals expenses, the packing allowance, furniture depreciation allowance and kilometre allowance.


You are eligible to receive payment for the removals process to a rural or remote area if you are a teacher or a leader who:

  • is transferred to another school on promotion or for Departmental reasons
  • is transferred to another school at your own request after not less than 3 years of satisfactory service at one school
  • moves without transfer from a non-Departmental residence to a Departmental residence or from one Departmental residence to another
  • has been appointed to a rural/remote school, and this is your first appointment as a teacher or a leader
  • is required to relocate a distance of greater than 45 kilometres

It should be indicated in your appointment letter if you are entitled to the payment of removal expenses.

Before you start

The relocation instruction document (PDF, 102.5 KB) provides information on claiming relocation expenses.

How to apply

1. Contact the Removals Officer

All removal arrangements must be made or approved by the Removals Officer.

2. Complete inventory form

Complete the removal inventory form (DOCX, 69.6 KB). It is important to follow the instructions exactly outlined in the Instruction document.

3. Maintain contact with Removals Officer

A letter will be forwarded to you with the name and phone number of the removal company allocated to conduct your removal along with other relevant information. Once you have this information, contact your removalist and keep them informed of your whereabouts.

It is your responsibility to negotiate directly with the removalist, and any other people concerned, to discuss an agreed date for collection and other details relevant to your move.

4. Prepare items for removal

Consult the Information Document to determine which items can be taken by removalists, and required preparations, for example:

  • the dismantling and condensing of items
  • packing items into appropriately sized cartons

The SA Government has arranged "in transit" insurance to a maximum of $100,000. The conditions of the insurance are provided in the Information document.

Additional allowances

Additional allowances can also be claimed as part of the removals process.

Furniture depreciation allowance

An accelerated furniture depreciation allowance of $650 is claimable where the value of the household furniture and effects moved exceeds $3330.

The allowance is for accelerated depreciation and extra wear and tear on furniture and effects, and necessary replacements and/or alterations to carpets, curtains, linoleum etc.

Packing allowance

A packing allowance may be claimed to assist with the cost of packing materials.

Transfer of headquarters

Costs incurred in travelling from old headquarters to new headquarters may be claimed. The rate is 23.0 cents per kilometre. If bus, rail, or other means of travel are contemplated, you should check with the removals officer to verify entitlements prior to travelling.

Overnight accommodation

Reimbursement for essential overnight accommodation may be made. Prior approval must be gained from the removals officer and itemised hotel/motel accounts and receipts are essential and must be attached to the claim.

How to apply for additional allowances

On completion of your removal, the application for these allowances and reimbursements should be submitted on a Removal Claim (ED131E) form. The Removal Claim (ED131E) form will be forwarded to eligible personnel accompanying the letter with notification of their removalist.


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