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Special class allowance

Teachers who teach prescribed special classes are eligible to apply for the special class allowance.


To be eligible to claim the allowance the teacher must be directly responsible for the teaching of a Special Class for at least 40% of each school week.

Special class include teaching students who suffer from:

  • sensory impairment
  • emotional disturbances
  • mental or physical impairments

Please note that Staff teaching in a Special School location are automatically paid this allowance.

How to apply

Employees are to apply by completing an application for special class allowance form (VL196) (PDF, 176.3 KB) and submitting it to DECD.HR [at] sa.gov.au (People and Culture Operations).

A new declaration must be lodged each year or when the employee becomes eligible for the special class allowance.


People and Culture Services

Phone: 8226 1356
Email: education.hr [at] sa.gov.au