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Apply – Public Education Awards

Applications for the 2018 Public Education Awards are now closed. 

Finalists will be announced on the 24th August 2018.  Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in October.

Nomination or application

There are 2 ways to enter the Public Education Awards.

Employees may be nominated by a colleague or member of the public. When nominated, you will receive an email inviting you to submit an application. 

Employees may also submit an application for an award without having received a nomination. This is to recognise our employees who do amazing work that people might not hear about – so make sure you apply and tell us all about it.

Choose a category

Once you decide to apply in the awards, it is important to choose the best category for you. Some categories are open to all staff, or may be restricted to site-based staff, educators or corporate staff.

Decide which category you can clearly answer all criteria in. The criteria are included in our application guide (PDF, 6275 KB). Each category also specifies if it is open to applications from individuals, teams or both.

Write your application

The online application form is available here. You will need to create a login and then follow the steps to complete your application.

Each criteria question has a set word limit – remember, less words are fine if you have answered the question. Make sure your answers are clear, concise and written in plain English. Provide examples of how you have demonstrated criteria. Judges may be unfamiliar with your area of work so avoid acronyms or relying on assumed knowledge. Consider asking a colleague or manager to read through your application before submitting.

You will have the opportunity to attach documents (to a maximum of 2 pages) to support your application.  Please make sure that any critical information which addressed the criteria is included in your application and does not rely upon supporting evidence.

There is a question that asks what you would spend your prize on should you win. Consider this carefully as it will be expected that you undertake this activity if you win.

The application form auto-saves as you go but please make sure you save as you work on any significant areas. You can access the online form on your computer or device, and you can revisit to work on your application as many times as you like until you submit your entry.

Seek endorsement

All applications require endorsement to be eligible for an award.

Endorsers can be a principal or director in site or non-site settings, including anyone acting in those positions at the time. Provide your endorser’s contact details on the ‘endorsement’ tab within your application.

Make sure you allow time for your endorsement to be completed prior to 29 June 2018. Consider contacting your endorser or their executive office in advance to ask how long they require for endorsement.

When you press ‘submit’ your application will be emailed to your nominated endorser.

Submit your entry

Please check carefully that you have addressed all criteria and you have read the terms of entry before submitting your application. Once your application is complete press 'submit entry'.

You will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted, however it is not complete until your endorsement has been approved. You will be notified when this has occurred.

The awards manager will keep in touch and advise if your application has been short-listed once judging is completed.

Late entries, or those that are not endorsed, will not be accepted.


Public Education Awards

Phone: 8226 2339
Emailpubliceducationawards [at] sa.gov.au