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Assessment – Public Education Awards

The 2018 Public Education Awards have a two-stage assessment process.

All applications are reviewed by the judging panel, consisting of a mix of departmental employees – usually principals, directors, executive directors and education directors – from a variety of locations across the organisation.

The judging panel then provides a shortlist of applicants to the state panel. The state panel reviews the top applications to select 1 winner and 2 finalists for each category. The state panel is chaired by the Department for Education Chief Executive and includes award partners from around the state with an interest in education services. An alphabetical list of judges will be available later in the program.

Applicants will be notified on Monday 24 July if they are shortlisted, and by Friday 24 August if they have been selected as a finalist. Finalists will be sent an information pack, so please ensure your postal address is correct and kept up-to-date.


Public Education Awards

Phone: 8226 2339
Emailpubliceducationawards [at] sa.gov.au