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Aunty Josie Agius Award

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Katrina Tjitayi

Wellbeing Coordinator, Anangu Education Services Ernabella

Katrina proudly shares her Anangu culture and Pitjantjatjara language and believes “when we speak a strong language, it makes our spirits strong and proud”. Co-delivering the Families Are First Teachers training program, Katrina teaches uses paintings and stories. She supports teachers to work respectfully with families, to understand language and culture, and through her teaching helps to prepare new teachers for the reality of living and teaching in Anangu communities.

Along with the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee, she worked with Carclew to document children’s Inma (song and dance) and Walka (meaningful marks and on the body). Travelling throughout the remote communities she worked with elders and Carclew to record their storytelling, and together they produced a resource book and DVDs which are used in teaching.


Ros Cameron

Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer, Mount Barker High School and Oakbank Area School

As Mount Barker High School and Oakbank Area School’s Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer, Ros is dedicated to building meaningful connections with her students and their families. Her greatest strength is her ability to collaborate with community groups to deliver various arts programs which connect the students with their culture.

Ros believes that identity is the foundation to having a healthy sense of belonging and wellbeing and regularly connects with Peramangk Elders to involve them in the school’s major events to support her students. This approach has included an Aboriginal painting workshop for her student’s families as a way to engage their community in their education.

Walk Along Initiative

Aboriginal Education Directorate

The team provides invaluable support for Aboriginal children and their families from the APY, Maralinga and Tjuratja Lands to re-engage in schooling following a move to the city. They respond to the immediate needs of families to minimise trauma and stress in their lives through holistic case management and coordination with the selected schools or preschools in metropolitan Adelaide.

Their work can include arranging reliable transport and accommodation when necessary. The team has also been instrumental in the creation of the Anangu Bilingual Student Support role, which supports Anangu students in overcoming language barriers that impact literacy and numeracy achievement.


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