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Credit Union SA Primary Teacher of the Year

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Clint Beard

Teacher, Pooninidie Community Learning Centre

Clint teaches the year 5/6/7 class at Poonindie Community Learning Centre. He places high importance on the value of student voice, and creates opportunities for students to provide regular feedback on his teaching. Clint facilitates a safe environment for rigorous learning by developing individualised learning programs and attainable goals for all students. His success is demonstrated through improved learning outcomes.


Rodney Zivkovic

Teacher, Fregon Aṉangu School

Rodney’s philosophy of teaching is that behavioural relapses do not erase the growth and successes within self-development, relationships, learning and wellbeing. The learning environment needs to be perceived as safe by each and every student and these perceptions of safety vary from student to student. Rodney believes learning should be culturally responsive, engaging, supportive, challenging and visual.

Sally Inglis

Assistant principal, Kimba Area School

Sally supports the emotional, social and academic wellbeing of all the children in her care, while investigating different approaches to improving learning outcomes. She is working to embed STEM subjects at Kimba Area School. Her approach to learning influences, motivates and inspires students to learn. Sally collaborates broadly and uses a growth mindset approach to improve resilience and to build student efficacy.


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