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Early Years Teacher of the Year

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Sandra Kelly

Teacher of the deaf, Klemzig Auslan Bilingual Preschool

Sandra is a passionate early childhood teacher and teacher of deaf children. By being committed to building reciprocal trusting relationships with families, she has the opportunity to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing children with the best language outcomes to become successful future citizens. Sandra has achieved this by developing learning programs, using appropriate curriculum, developmental learning assessments and reflective teaching strategies.


Kerry Moosha

Preschool director, Flinders Children's Centre and Tji Tji Preschool

Kerry has embraced a continuum of change in curriculum and programs at Flinders Children's Centre and Tji Tji Preschool. As an educator in a globalised world, she is passionate about exposing the centre's children to a broad spectrum of learning so their journey is a positive experience of respecting cultural diversity. She infuses these throughout the curriculum, grounding the children in the importance of self-identity, culture and country.

Susan Sandow

Early childhood sducator, The Nest, Alberton Primary School

Susan has influenced environmental design at The Nest through developing  a learning space that creates a more fluid transition from home to school and reduces anxiety for young children. Susan is inspired by the educational philosophies of Waldorf Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Aboriginal ways of learning, and intends to undertake research to explore common ground between these principles.


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