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World-class education in South Australian public schools

South Australia has a good public education system, but we’re capable of so much more. In 2017 we began reforms to make it a great public education system.

We looked at some of the fastest improving education systems around the world and what they all had in common.

We have a plan to take the statewide standard from good to great and be one of the best public education systems in the world by 2028.

To get there we need to raise the achievement of every child, in every class, in every school and preschool.

We’re focussing on 6 key areas:

  • expert teaching
  • quality leadership
  • engaged parents and communities
  • stronger services
  • resourcing and investment
  • accountability and support.

For our preschools and schools, excellence in teaching is proven to be a predictor in improving a child’s education outcomes. Our teachers are being provided the best curriculum resources, high-quality professional development, access to more student data, and support.

Quality leaders will lead change, provide clear direction, and drive great educational outcomes. We will succession plan and have people prepared, able and willing to step into leadership roles.

The best education is one in which parents and carers understand the value of a good education and are active in their child’s learning, from the earliest age. We’ll take a greater lead in fostering that vital partnership between parent and teacher, and classroom and home.

Learning relies on being safe, well, and having access to the right support services when they are needed. Our students will be given the support they need to learn.

State-wide educational improvement can’t happen without smart resourcing and investment. Students and teachers will have access to the latest technology, uninterrupted connectivity, and adaptive and modern learning environments.

A great education can change a life. What we’re doing today will contribute to improving the futures of thousands of our children.

School and preschool Improvement

Emaileducation.schoolimprovement [at] sa.gov.au