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World-class education in South Australian public schools

We have set our sights on building a world-class education system which is genuinely recognised as world-class. Where every public preschool and school is great and there is growth for every child and student.

What does world-class mean for our children and students?

We’ve measured the standard of education on a universal scale that compares school systems across the world. It’s mapped using a range of national and international skill based assessments.

In 2017 the achievement levels of students in South Australian public schools was sitting at the bottom of good. The world-class standard is great.

Our Strategic Plan will help us to accelerate achievement from good to great and beyond.

A graph showing that South Australia is currently delivering good education, but by 2028 will be delivering great education.

Our progress on this scale will be compared annually.

We know we have a good education system but we are capable of so much more. Our students and staff deserve the best.

Our work is driven by 6 key levers

To ensure our public education system is truly world-class we are focusing on 6 key levers that will help us achieve growth for every child and student, in every preschool and school. These levers are evidence-based and are common across all of the best performing education systems globally. They are:

  • Expert teaching
  • Quality leadership
  • Engaged parents and communities
  • Stronger services
  • Resourcing and investment
  • Accountability and support

Expert teaching

For our preschools and schools, expert teaching is proven to be the number 1 lever in improving a child’s education outcomes. Our teachers will be supported with the best curriculum resources, high-quality professional development, access to better student data, and the support they need in their classroom.

Quality leadership

Quality leaders will lead change, provide clear direction, foster great culture, and will be accountable for educational performance. We will support their continued development and growth, succession plan and have people prepared, able and willing to step into leadership roles across the state.

Engaged parents and communities

The best education is one in which parents  and carers understand the value of a good education and are active in their child’s learning, from the earliest age. We’ll take a greater lead in fostering that vital partnership between parent and teacher, and classroom and home.

Stronger services

Learning relies on being safe, well, and having access to the right support services when they are required. Every child  will have access to the individual support they need to thrive and learn.

Resourcing and investment

Statewide educational improvement can’t happen without smart resourcing and investment. Students and teachers will have access to the latest technology, uninterrupted internet connectivity, adaptive, modern learning environments, and all the other resources to support our goal.

Accountability and support

Change requires improvement, support and accountability from all of us, individually and as teams. Reducing administrative processes, making more informed decisions using better data, and more tailored support from central  to schools and preschools is vital for growth.

Refer to our Strategic Plan – Towards 2028 (PDF 1.4MB) for more information on what we’re doing to achieve world-class education.