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Entrepreneurial specialist schools sparking big ideas

Enterprising students are attracting attention for their start-up concepts.

Students at South Australia’s entrepreneurial specialist schools have been making headlines for their enterprising start-up ideas.

Young people from Heathfield High School were featured on the Today program and ABC after creating nurture bears to support people affected by bushfires.

The teddy bears, which allow first responders to record messages for their families, provide comfort for children when their parents are working on the front line.

The nurture bears are just one example of the many enterprising ideas being worked through at entrepreneurial schools in South Australia.

The idea came from a workshop at Heathfield High, held in partnership with the Academy for Enterprising Girls, where more than 40 female students were tasked with solving a problem in their community.

Partnership between school and industry is an important feature of our entrepreneurial learning strategy.

Entrepreneurial skills are recognised globally as critical to 21st century learning and citizenship.

South Australia has 5 entrepreneurial specialist schools:

Entrepreneurial learning is not restricted to the 5 specialist schools. The facilities, expert staff and high-quality curriculum resources developed at the schools will be shared and used across the state.

It’s just one way we’re working to take South Australia’s public education system from good to great.

Find out more about South Australia's entrepreneurial learning strategy.