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Year 7 to high school pilot program review key findings

This section of the report highlights the key findings that emerged from the consultations undertaken for the review.

Year 7 students are ready for high school: Students are enjoying the independence, peer interactions and challenges of high school. Year 7 students like accessing specialist resources and teachers, and parents are proud of their child’s increased maturity.

Moving a double cohort is challenging: Preparing for the move of year 7 and year 8 students is best supported when schools have well-defined leadership structures and key transition staff to support the increased workload.

Cross-collaboration with primary schools strengthens transition and continuity of learning: Developing positive relationships with primary schools and primary teachers supports high schools when designing curriculum and learning outcomes suitable for young adolescents. It supports opportunities to share pedagogies, observe differentiated teaching strategies and encourages self-reflection for improvement.

Prioritise relationships alongside learning content: Year 7 students engage in learning when they have developed positive relationships with teachers. Staff who positively connect with young adolescents and provide safe learning environments inspire strong student engagement and improved learning outcomes.

Consider how primary teachers can add value to your school: Be clear about, and believe strongly in, why you want to employ primary teachers. Understanding what skills and expertise a primary trained teacher could contribute to a secondary setting will better support the development of workforce profiling.

Primary teachers moving to high school will need support: Primary teachers will need help to understand and navigate new high school systems, support to manage the behaviours of older students and guidance when developing curriculum.

Explore whole school professional learning opportunities: Engage in whole school professional learning opportunities that focus on understanding young adolescents and develop a school culture that encourages collaboration and sharing of pedagogies, curriculum expertise and subject knowledge to inspire change.

Families and caregivers want to engage with the high school: Provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to engage with the school and consider activities and interactions that incorporate parents who work full-time.

Year 7 to High School Project Team

Email: Year7toHS [at] sa.gov.au