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How family day care works

Your child learns from a qualified educator, and is always cared for in a small group of children. They will play, learn and grow together. Your child is cared for in the educator’s home.

Our educators design the learning to fit your child’s individual needs.

Watch the video to learn more about what family day care is like.

What family day care is like video transcript

Every child deserves...

...quality, home-based day care...

...in a welcoming, family environment...

...with qualified, early learning educators...

...offering flexibility and connection.

Family Day Care

...the ideal choice for busy families...

...inspired children...

...and caring parents.


[End of transcript]


Educators offer hourly or session rates, making it an affordable childcare option.


Family day care is flexible childcare and education. It covers all hours, to meet your needs. We can help you:

  • before and after school
  • during work
  • during school holidays
  • overnight
  • on weekends.

School and preschool drop off and pick up

Our educators can drop off and pick up your child to and from school or preschool. You only have to ask.

All your children can learn together

If your child has brothers and sisters, they can be in the same family day care group too.

Strong connections and a familiar face

You can relax knowing the same person will be educating and caring for your child.

You’ll see the same educator at the start and end of the day when you drop off and pick up your child. The qualified educator will build a strong connection with you and your child.

Respite care

The Respite Care program is a specialised disability care service for children and young people. The program is a provider for the Australian Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which provides funding for respite care for children and young people with a disability.

Respite care can be offered:

  • in the family home
  • at the home of a qualified and approved care provider
  • at school (working with the school or classroom)
  • in the community.

Care can take place during the day, evening, weekend, on a regular basis or in blocks of time.

For more information about the Respite Care program, contact 8343 6533 or email education.rcpadmin@sa.gov.au

Family Day Care Business and Customer Support Centre

Phone (metro): 8343 6533
Phone (country): 1300 551 890
Email: educationfdcbusiness@sa.gov.au