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Our values and participation principles

Supporting and improving your practice to help enhance learning for students is at the core of everything we do. Our values guide our programs toward this goal. These values align with the participation principles to help your school or preschool enrol.

Values that drive our professional learning

We've worked with educators like you to choose values that guide our exemplary professional learning. We design our programs with these principles in mind:


We co-design our programs with teachers, leaders and industry professionals using the latest research and principles of adult learning. We deliver our programs in purpose-built learning spaces because we know your surroundings impact how you learn.


We empower educators by turning contemporary research and best practice into practical strategies that work in your context.

Education is a team effort. We'll work with groups from each site so you can support each other to apply your learning and create real change.


We’re focussed on delivering useful, hands-on programs which develop practical skills and have real impact on your practice.


Every learner, educator and site have different needs. We know one size doesn’t fit all and we tailor our programs for every attendee.

Participation principles

We design our programs to improve practice across a school or preschool. This means a group of educators, leadership team members and site leaders are encouraged to participate together.

To take part in our programs, your site should have the right structures in place to get the most from the professional learning at Orbis.

Collective efficacy

For real change to occur, you and your colleagues need to work together. We encourage the site leader, a leadership team member and a group of teachers to engage in professional learning relevant to each role, at the same time.

This collaborative approach means that you'll:

  • develop shared meanings with your colleagues
  • have the support of your colleagues when applying what you've learnt
  • be able to work together to solve challenges of practice
  • cooperate to implement new learning practices at your site.


Taking part in our programs will support site improvement. This requires you to invest time and people. We want you to have the right structures and processes in place to make the biggest impact.


We're committed to enabling improvement in schools and preschools across South Australia. To support this, professional learning costs are covered by Orbis, including:

  • program costs
  • travel expenses for rural staff.

Take the first step and check out our list of exemplary professional learning programs.