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We value the expertise and experience of teachers and leaders, and so we design programs ​​​​that are ​​​consistent with the Department for Education's advice about what works best for students.

Our programs reflect the:

  • School Improvement Planning model
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Teaching for Effective Learning framework
  • best advice papers
  • literacy and numeracy guidebooks.

Take a look at the 2022 Orbis program guide to learn more about our exemplary professional learning.

Enrol in a program

Choose an exemplary learning program that suits your learning goals, then:

  • talk to your leader about your professional learning options
  • if you’re a leader, consider which of our programs will best support you, your team and your school.

We're committed to enabling improvement in schools and preschools across South Australia. To support this, professional learning costs are covered by Orbis, including:

  • program costs
  • travel expenses for rural staff.

Temporary relief teacher (TRT) costs are covered by schools and preschools.