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2 November 2020
Bruce Armstrong
Director, Chapter Three & Former Deputy Secretary, Schools & Regional Services Group, DET

Are leaders born? Or is it something you can learn?

The concept of leadership is complex and multifaceted. During the instructional leadership program our experts have presented cutting-edge research around impactful educational leadership. In our final intensive, Bruce Armstrong explored characteristics common to effective leaders.

Read on as Bruce discusses whether leadership is learnable.

... [read more]

13 October 2020
Kara Voigt, Loxton Primary School
Teacher/ Literacy and Numeracy coordinator

I undertook the Orbis Literacy R-3 program in 2019 and have been rewarded with new skills and knowledge, and a deeper understanding of how students learn. In addition I have gained valuable insight into resources and models that improve students’ literacy learning.

The opportunity to collaborate with other educators from across South Australia was of particular benefit to me personally and professionally. The... [read more]

30 April 2020
Marina Elliott
Director, Orbis

The new Thought Leadership series is the latest exemplary learning offering from Orbis. Through the series, we’ll be regularly introducing a new education expert who’ll provide you with actionable insights and reflections to support you through these rapidly changing times.

The new series provides access to some of the world’s most esteemed education experts, along with some South Australian principals who’ve translated these ideas into practice.

Our first episode, In the study... [read more]

3 September 2019
Orbis team

Congratulations to each of our leaders selected to attend the inaugural Leadership for School Excellence program in January 2020.

Professional learning is a key enabler for school improvement. Orbis’ approach to professional learning is based on sourcing the expertise of the world’s best education institutions who engage leaders in learning that is purposeful, collaborative and empowering.

The Leadership for School Excellence program will focus on key elements for enacting... [read more]

3 September 2019
Ryan Dunn
The University of Melbourne

Along with my colleague, Cath Pearn, we were honoured to be the first presenters to work with a cohort of teachers at the new state-of-the-art Orbis facility. It was great to have the opportunity to work with some of the many committed reception to year 3 educators in South Australia. The aim of the 8-day program we are facilitating is to support teachers to develop children’s confidence in understanding and using mathematical concepts in the early years of schooling. The program sets out to... [read more]