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Keep checking on staff wellbeing

You must monitor and respond to staff psychological wellbeing regularly.

Encourage staff to put their own wellbeing first. Organise for respite or a change of responsibilities if needed.

The school’s return to a normal routine relies on staff having good mental health. This must be promoted and protected in transparent ways.

Coping with feelings of guilt

It is not uncommon for staff to experience levels of guilt about a student’s traumatic death.

After someone dies traumatically, it’s possible to read signs in a student’s behaviours that were not seen as significant at the time. Debriefs are an opportunity to acknowledge this.

You should encourage staff to talk with appropriate professionals about their feelings.

Role of your school’s emergency response team

The team should think about what sort of support could help maintain normal school routines.

Extra support

Extra mental health professionals in the school can help with how you respond to parent, carer, staff and student needs. This will lessen the load for your school’s emergency response team.

Brief all outside support personnel about your school’s postvention plan. They must know it and follow it.