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Prepared message: from education directors to site leaders (about traumatic death)

For use by Department for Education schools and staff.


Education directors with the Department for Education can send this to all site leaders in their area. This is part of postvention responses.

This message helps site leaders keep a check on student wellbeing. Social media can mean the impact of a traumatic death is much wider than at a single school or region.

Text for email or memo

Dear principal / site leader

Sadly a <age> year old student from one of our schools in the <partnership / region / metropolitan / regional area> died traumatically on <date>.

Information about this sad news might already be on social media. This has the potential to impact vulnerable students at your site.

Please inform your leadership team and student wellbeing staff. Use your school’s usual communication channels.

Continue to support all of your students. Respond to any wellbeing concerns raised by members of your school community.

Think about your school staff’s psychological wellbeing at this difficult time. Call Employee Psychological Services on 8226 0744 to arrange on-site support as soon as possible.

For information about student support call the Social Work Incident Support Services (SWISS) on 8314 4100.

Please use the Suicide response and postvention guidelines when you respond to this traumatic event:

Thank you for your attention in this sensitive matter.