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Restore school to regular routine

School routines should return to usual after 3 days, as far as possible and appropriate.

Returning to usual daily routines and activities is an important part of recovery. This is true for everyone affected in the school community.

Continued use of the student support room

Need for the support room should reduce as time passes.

Schools need to use their discretion about when to close the room. This might depend on how recently the student died. For example it might have happened over the weekend or during school holidays.

Let students know in advance about the dates the room will open and close.

Once the room has closed, your school’s usual support processes can resume.

Stay aware

A return to your usual routine does not mean you should be less aware of student and staff wellbeing.

You must stay tuned to student needs and changes to behaviour for many months. Recovery for some people can take a very long time.