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Identify and plan support for vulnerable students

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The most important aims of postvention are to:

  • help limit and prevent harm to others
  • support students in distress.

As a site leader, you must make sure processes are well understood and effective. This includes how to identify, support, refer and monitor vulnerable students.

Share information to make sure students are supported at school, home and in the community.

Take extra care with vulnerable students who are learning off-site.
Get help when needed.

What to do

You need to contact the principals of any schools attended by siblings or known close friends.

For close friends and other vulnerable students

Let these students know in person. This should be done by the most appropriate staff.

Think about students who might be affected by previous trauma. For example:

  • families with recent bereavement
  • students living in care
  • families who are recent arrivals or refugees.

Make sure these students have immediate support. Let them know where they can find ongoing support.

Find ways for these students to come together.