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Recovery plans

Recovery plans can help students and families cope with important events.

Anniversaries and significant events

The anniversary of a death or the birthday of someone deceased is a stressful time. It can take friends and family back to their original levels of grief.

Think about other transition points for students. This might be:

  • final year formal
  • end of year events
  • other significant events, for example sport’s day if the student was a committed athlete.

Be aware and prepared for these events. It’s a significant part of your long term postvention responsibility.

Student-led memorials and events

Students might want to do something to recognise different anniversaries.                     

If you think it is safe and reasonable, you can ask staff to assist with arrangements.

There are risks around permanent memorials. They can glorify the way the student died.e

Keep a check on social media posts about planned events.

These events are best in very small groups. Always have parent or carer knowledge and consent.

It’s best if an adult can be close by, if not present.

Do not hold memorials in large groups

Year level or large group memorials are discouraged.

Legal processes

You might need to inform a limited group of staff, students and parents or carers about:

  • police processes
  • Coroner’s inquests
  • legal proceedings.

These events have the potential to create high levels of stress. Be alert and responsive to people’s needs.