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Complex and invasive health support

Some children and young people require support involving non-routine health care procedures or constant monitoring of their condition.  This is referred to as complex and invasive health support.  

Children with complex care and invasive health needs require clinical decision making and specialised training that cannot be provided by education or care staff.

An individual assessment of the child is completed and nursing staff or Health Support Workers allocated to provide direct care for complex and invasive health support, including:

  • enteral nutrition ie gastrostomy, nasogastic
  • airway management ie tracheostomy, BiPAP, CPAP, oxygen support, suction
  • elimination support ie colostomy or catheter management
  • high health support needs ie complex seizure management.

Complex and invasive health support providers

Access Assistant Program (AAP)

The Access Assistant Program provides medication consultancy and trained staff support children with a disability and who have complex or invasive health support needs in education and care services.  

For more information including accessibility criteria, resources and referral forms go to Access Assistant Program.

Registered Nurse Delegation of Care Program (RNDCP)

The RN Delegation of Care Program(RNDCP)  is a community based program to support children with complex needs or a disability to access community services including preschool, school, out of schools hours care, childcare, in home support and respite.

For more information include resources and referral forms go to Registered Nurse Delegation of Care Program


There’s no such thing as a silly question is a resource to assist parents of children with chronic illness, disability, mental illness or a life threatening illness. The book helps to identify and access medical and community help and support. 


Disability and complex needs team

Phone: 8226 0515
Email: education.health [at] sa.gov.au