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SA Schools Constitutional Convention

The annual SA Schools Constitutional Convention encourages student learning about civics and citizenship, democracy, the Australian Constitution and what it means to be an Australian citizen.. The convention is designed to connect across multiple curriculum learning areas. Students do not need to be enrolled in or have completed any prerequisite subjects to attend.

The convention is open to all year 11 students. This includes government, Catholic and independent schools.

The SA Schools Constitutional Convention has been running since 1995. It is an initiative between the department and the Parliament of SA. It is supported by the Australian Government.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • learn and share their views about Australia and its constitution
  • find out how the constitution shapes our democracy
  • learn how the constitution promotes understanding of our democratic heritage and traditions.

Students who attended the 2021 SA convention have been invited to apply to attend the 2022 national convention in Canberra.

About the 2021 convention

The 2021 convention was held on 17 September 2021 with the theme: Your future, have your say! A new preamble for the Australian Constitution?

We look forward to holding the program again in 2022.

SA Schools Constitutional Convention

Steve Stylianou, Manager Cultural Institutions
Email: SchoolsConstitutionalConvention [at] sa.gov.au